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Friday, 24 January 2014 23:00

European Relocation

 European Relocation

International relocation
is a tedious process and planning should be done in advance to handle all the issues related to it. Preparation is the key....so here are a few guidelines that should be helpful:

1. Documents: various documents are needed when one is relocating to a new country. Some essentials required by all countries are birth certificates, medical certificates, marriage certificates, immunization records, insurance papers and certain other records. All these documents must be complete and documents related to transfer such as a valid passport and visa must also be complete. The legalities can be taken care by a reputed travel agency.

2. Research: if the place of relocating is assigned by the employer, then it is recommended to do a comprehensive research of the city. If the house is provided by the company, then one can look into the neighborhood for utility services and nearby hospitals, banks, supermarkets, restaurants and such. Local maps and online guides can be used to gain information. One must also look into the laws of the country, the safety standards and other related issues.

3. Preparation: once the place and the area have been decided upon, there is a need to find a house, if not provided by the employer. As the person relocating is unaware of the new country and its ways, it is best to take help from the international relocation companies. These companies provide the necessary services related to international relocating and have adequately trained staff dedicated to the purpose. One can inform the company about his tastes and preferences regarding the overall design of the house, materials to be used, the space required, location and other such things.

4. Money: international relocation could be a costly affair. So there is a need to have large sums of money. The importance of international relocation services offered by various companies cannot be overlooked. They plan the relocation and work accordingly to coordinate and organize all the things. International relocation requires massive packing of all the household items. Hence the international relocation companies have to be put to use.

Selecting international relocation companies

The process of international relocation is a tedious and problematic task. There are so many things involved that one cannot think of doing them on his own. There is the need to take help from professionals in the field and they are the international relocation companies. However, the selection of a good and experienced company is the most important requisite. The international relocation companies should be selected on the basis of a few factors which are; reputation of the company, years of experience, international relocation services provided, cost quotient and various other factors.

Preparing for the move

Preparation of international relocation generally needs at least four weeks. The foremost thing is the packing of household articles which cannot be done solely, so it is best to assign the task to professional packers. This task can either be given to international movers or companies providing international relocation services. The equipments have to be packed with utmost care as they would be in transit for a long time and would be laden and un-laden quite a number of times. An important thing to note is that not all goods and electrical equipments can be moved.
The reason for this is that different countries operate on different voltage and plug sizes. Also the space in the new house is a limiting factor with regard to the furnishing that can be accommodated. So all left out equipments should be well taken care of and could be put up for sale. Other preparations include using up the food items and cleaning products that will not be moved. Utility service providers have to be informed about the relocation and cancellation of subscription from the various utilities. Likewise the bank, friends, relatives and neighbors have to be informed.

International relocation means change of country, home, culture, friends, colleagues and neighbors and most importantly the eating habits. One has to make adjustments for all these things. So it is quite daring to accept the proposal of international relocation.

However, one thing is for certain and that is: a lot is to be done. So taking the help of international relocation companies providing international relocation services should not be ruled out. Their help would make the task MUCH easier!

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