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Moving to Spain?

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Moving to Spain

Our European Removals depot in Northfleet Kent has been analysing the locations that people have been relocating to in Europe. 

The most popular destination still seems to be Southern Spain, but there is growing interest in Southern France. Though in Summer 2014 we did see an increase in moves to the Balearic Islands, and also Belgium and Germany. 
So why are people choosing these countries to live? In the case of moving to Spain it's very clear. Spain has the sunshine, along with a lively atmosphere and great food and culture. 

Popular destinations among Brit expats are Fuengirola in Malaga, along with Marbella, San Pedro, and Alicante. Though we often carry out commercial removals to Barcelona and Madrid where offices tend to have a Branch in the business districts.
All these destinations have different atmospheres, so before deciding on a place to live make sure you visit as many locations as possible to get a feel for the areas. 
But make sure you visit at different times of the day! What may seem a tranquil idyllic retreat in the daytime can turn into a non-stop party environment in the night! As with all matters connected with a relocation to Spain, do your research, get recommendations, and practice due diligence.

As for the logistical process relating to UK Spain Removals, St Georges European have the experience, infrastructure, and expertise to guarantee you total peace of mind! Remember that there's no need to worry or get stressed about Spain removals.....because we can handle this aspect totally!

So if you need advice just email us at, or call us on UK: +44 (0)1322 383233 or Spain: +34 952 485 984. We're always here to help!